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We Are Professional

Welcome To Shrewd Infotech

Shrewd Infotech is a leading provider of information technology, consulting and business process services. Our dedicated employees offer strategic insights, technological expertise and industry experience. Their work is supported by a global delivery network that helps large organizations respond to the challenges of the Future of Work with virtual, flexible, scalable and efficient operations.

Shrewd Infotech is composed of different teams which handle very distinct functions but work in sync with each other. The Application design team brings up the ideas and designs the interface which is shown and finalized by the clients as per their requirement. The technical team which does the coding and programming, the content writing and the marketing team all work in whole to create one perfect solution for the client.

Who we are?

Shrewd Infotech is an IT services company embracing strong competencies in IT Managed Services. Shrewd Infotech leverage innovation and operational excellence, deliver measurable business solutions to the Enterprise as their Information Technology Partners. With our commitment to customer delight, we have established a strong bond with the client by delivering the final application which best meets their requirements.

Our Motto

We believe that our client is our most valued possession and we are committed to define the highest level of customer satisfaction in our deliverables or services to gain Customer Delight. By virtue of our transformational model, we also aim to empower enterprises, drive new growth opportunities with support against the accelerating rate of change in today's competitive world.

What we do?

Shrewd Infotech is all about the unique client experience with its strong hold on emerging technologies and wide industry knowledge. This allows us to collaborate with our clients and work on the information and requirement provided which helps us to achieve their business goals and give them that competitive edge.

To meet these client challenges we have aligned all our strength and focus to three strategic:-

Market Growth, Efficiency and Cost. Our business approach aims to accelerate Growth, enhance Efficiency and optimize Cost in our client’s business operations & enabling them to perform and create sustainable value with their customers and stakeholders. These strategies lay a strong foundation of our relationships, enhancing our focus to deliver unique and best practice solutions and services.

Why choose us?


Our clients today face a dual mandate: They need to drive efficiencies and productivity as they cope with market and economic pressures. At the same time, they must invest in innovation to transform their businesses and open up new horizons of opportunity

We help many of the world's leading companies address this dual mandate. We know that organizations cannot master 21st century challenges with 20th century strategies and methods. Business is being transformed by globalization, virtualization, a new generation of millenial workers and continual technology innovation.

In response to the transformative forces that define the Future of Work, Shrewd Infotech is helping clients rethink, reinvent and rewire their businesses to apply the new SMAC business technology architecture (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) to their most significant challenges and opportunities.

Shrewd Infotech focuses on helping organizations:

Rethink their business models to change the ways they interact with their customers, employees and partners. We help them reshape their operations and processes to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.

Reinvent their workforces to reflect the millennial mindset and its flexible, open and inclusive approach to work. We can help companies adopt new tools to enable knowledge sharing and drive productivity and innovation.

Rewire their operations that are being transformed by social networks, mobile devices, "big data" analytics and cloud computing. We can help clients use these technologies to find new ways to increase operational flexibility, lower costs and decrease time to market.

Regardless of the challenges, Shrewd Infotech stands ready to help your organization embrace the Future of Work.